sunday cozy

Ciao! Did you have a great weekend? I did. Yesterday I stayed inside all day, except when I walked to a friends house and back. The day I spent reading for my health test and watching netflix *cough cough*. At six my family and I walked to our friends house for a glogg party. The first glogg for me this year. It was really nice and I had fun. We came home around nine and I went after an hour to sleep.

the outfit I wore the whole weekend when I stayed home, so cozzzzyyy

Today (except reading for my test) my mum and I went to see the christmas lights light up at Aleksanterinkatu. There was a lot of people there watching santa and his elfs walking down the street. There were also other people walking with him. There was this really cool stage that the ballet and opera had made where there was many different dancers dressed up as snow queens.

It was really really cold outside so as soon we were done with that walked home. Everything was so christmassy and beautiful and it also snowed today!! It did melt almost immediately here in Helsinki but whatever. Now I’m going to go and watch Solsidan, let’s see how things are going to end up between Fredde and Mikkan, haha. xoxo


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