group projects

Aaaah! I hate this. I had written an post yesterday but it didn’t post it so it has been a couple of quite days again. Let’s just forget it.

Heeeellooo! Thursday again, it feels like this year has gone really fast by, soon it will be 2016. Unbelievable. Today my school day was normal. I’m getting kind of sick having presentations. I’ve had so many in these past weeks, probably one in every subject. Today I had a presentation in health class about Bulimi and it went well, it was interesting. On Monday I have in English class about Karl Marx and we will see how that will turn out… I like having presentation and talking infront of the class but the whole making process, collecting facts and making the whole visual thing is kind of exhausting.

I have dance class later and I’m so excited because we are working on our christmas show and we are dancing to Zara Larssons song Never Forget You and it was for a long time my favorite song, yey! Tomorrow I’m going to have a short day because Patricia and I are leaving before lunch to go and help at a badminton competition at the place we have our practice. It’s going to be so much fun! xoxo

A after school “snack” we made with Patricia on Thursday, so good! It was a fruit bowl with persimmon, apple and kiwi plus some cottage cheese.

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