movienight and cleaning

Hello! I had planned that I would post last night but I was so tiered when I got home so I just read and chilled. Yesterday went by studying and doing other school work. I had a real lazy Saturday and in the evening my dad got the idea of us going to the movies, so we bought three tickets and went to see Everest in 3D. It was based on a true story about the Mount Everest disaster in 1996 when eight people died in a blizzard up there. The movie was so good and I almost cried in the ending. I liked the movie because it was based on a true story and it was also kind of motivating because the people there fought for there dreams but died because of that. If that makes any sense, but I recommend watching it especially in 3D.


Today I did some more studying and did some research for my Swedish class. I also cleaned my room (hovered) and cleaned my night stand, I don’t even know when I last cleaned it probably three years ago (not kidding) so it was time to do that. It was a mess when I opened it and it took me two hours to clean it and go thru everything. Well it was worth it because nowI know where everything is. Now I’ve eaten dinner and put a face mask on and I’m thinking of going to the shower and then watch some youtube or read. Have a great Sunday evening! xoxo

before and after pictures of my nightstand, messy huh?

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