Sunday anxiety

Yesterday I was busy all day. I woke up around 8.30am and started my day with reading a couple chapters on my book and then eating breakfast. Later I studied for my biology test and did some other homework. Late in the noon me and my mum walked to H&M to buy some jeans to my little brother. Then we continued to Zara and Stadium. We ate lunch at Stockmann and I came home around three. I stayed home for 40 minutes and then I walked over to Patricia’s home. We decided to go and get our movie tickets from Tennispalatsi that we had reserved for today. But there had been some kind of mistake because we had accidentally reserved them for Saturday but luckily everything got fixed and we were lucky because we hadn’t payed them yet. We got our tickets and walked home.It took us over one hour to come home because we stayed at Lush and Stockmann for a while, haha. At Patricia’s we fixed my current bed for the night and played a board game. In the evening we watched this horror movie called The Conjuring and to be honest I had a bit trouble falling asleep… 
In the morning we made croissants and it was so delicious. And I had (luckily) a good night sleep though the movie we had watched the previous night. The Maze Runner movie started 11.30am so we needed to get quickly ready and start walking to the cinema. The Maze Runner; Scorch trials was so good! I reall really liked it. I think that the effects were really good made and I got scared a couple times. But I will blame the movie we watched the night before. I went straight home after the movie and studied. Tomorrow is going to be a really long day but it’s going to be cold I can finally start wearing sweaters whitout sweating, yej! 
xoxo Louise



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