tori kelly


Today I had my first test, English. It was really easy, or I hope I did well. The essay was really easy because I write my blog posts in english so it was like writing a blog post, haha. My school day was normal as usual the only thing that was kind of different from the usual. We watched a movie/tv show in our English class. Probably because we had just had a test and there was no point of starting something new so soon. The tv-show/movie we watched was called Hercule Poirot and he was some kind of detective. It was really good towards the end but in the begging it was kind of hard to understand. After school I took the train home, did some homework and went to my badminton lesson with Patricia. We had a really though warm up and in the end we played. I won one out of two so yes!

Tomorrow is a normal Thursday and I’m really stoked for the weekend though I have to study for my biology test next week, but no stress.

xoxo Louise

I’ve been obsessed with Tori Kelly lately and I definitely want to see her live sometime, here are tow of my favorite songs of hers.



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