sneak peak -my room

Hey! So I got this great idea of doing a little room post, bc I have never showed my room on my blog before. These are just pictures of some details bc I don’t want to show my entire room. Lets start!

DSC_1009 (1)
so first of all on my nightstand I have this picture that I printed out and a scented candle and a glass ball/decoration
I really love the candle I got it last christmas but it still has not burnt out
DSC_1013 (1)
then to my bed, isn’t that penguin cute???
and here is all of the pillows
two of my bags hanging next to my door
some perfumes on my “make up desk”
DSC_1020 (1)
my bracelets in this cute little bag
my make up that I use often, or not even often but if I use make up it’s something from this basket??
some of my favorite books
I have this glass thing on my desk where I keep my Teen Vogue magazines and some other paper stuff and next to it my sunglasses
IMG_3975 (1)
and lastly on my windowsill I keep my camera and these cute little succulents.

I hope you got a little picture of how my room looks like.

xoxo Louise


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