Bucket list summer 2015: results

Hey! So I have been meaning to do this earlier but I haven’t had the motivation, typical me. But I’m doing it now and I’m going to take one by one and if I didn’t do it bu-hu and if I did yes! Let’s start.

make homemade ice cream: Okay I didn’t exactly make ice cream it was popsicles, so it doesn’t
unplug for one whole day (be without TV, phone, computer etc.) : I actually did this I was 12 hours without any electronic stuff #proud
go jogging everyday for a whole week: I went jogging every other day and did a workout every other almsot the whole time we were at our summer cottage so I’m going to count that.
go hiking with a friend: Yes I did this in Washington and I wish I could do it everyday it was so beautiful there and it really was thought walking there.
have a movie marathon: For some reason I did not have a movie marathon? Well we’ll see what happens during the holidays.
learn a new trick on the trampoline: Nope. I’m such a coward I didn’t have the courage to do a back flip or anything else…
have a water balloon fight: Yaaaas! I did have a couple ones during the summer, hehe.
do something I have never done before: I did many new things this summer for example. I flew all lone to Washington, I went zip lining and I learnt how to water ski.
go camping: Another thing I didn’t do. Well one of the excuses may have to be that it has been a really lousy weather here during June/July.

I did accomplish a few things but next year I will accomplish them all!

xoxo Louise

IMG_9564 IMG_9661 DSC_1086 IMG_0229 IMG_0310 IMG_1623 IMG_1627 IMG_7610 IMG_2510 IMG_2726


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