casual Monday


This Monday has been really long, but not stressful luckily. I had school early in the morning to late afternoon. And after school I took the tram home to eat some dinner and take my stuff and head for my clarinet lesson. It went well and afterwards I needed to stay in Töölö for one and a half hour because I had my theory lesson at 7.30pm. The time went slowly by but luckily Isabelle and her cousin came after a half an hour so i did not have to be alone. The lesson was only a half an hour long (usually one hour) this time so my dad picked me up and drove me and Isabelle home. When I got home I ate some food and jumped in the shower (well not literally).

Tomorrow is a totally normal school day and afterwards I’m going to go and meet my grandmother. Well there will be some more blogging tomorrow because I need to go and practice some German verbs for tomorrow, Gute Nacht!

xoxo Louise

a picture I took last summer with Ceccan

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