hello september

Hey! September already, it sure doesn’t feel like it. I though it was just yesterday summer break started and now it’s fall, time is moving to fast!! My week started really good and yesterday I had normal classes and after school I walked home and did some homework and got ready for my clarinet class. It went well and when I was done I worked on some more school things and read After. I’m almost done and I hope I can start with Eleanor and Park during the weekend.IMG_3702

Today I only had two classes (normally three) because our German class was inhibited because the teachers was somewhere else, the only positive thing about that was I got to sleep one hour more :).  After school Patricia and I went to Koti Pizza and bought a pizza with ham, feta cheese and mushrooms and it was so good! When we had ate our pizzas I went to get my haircut and Patricia home. I got my hair a couple cm shorter and now it looks so much healthier. When I got home I did some homework and read a book. Around five I got a “health kick” and decided to go for a run. A ran around Katajnokka it was a bit under 5km and I’m so proud because I have never ran that far and I ran it in a half an hour which I’m really proud of. When I got back home I took a shower and ate dinner. Now I’m thinking of practicing to a couple quizzes and then going to bed.

xoxo Louise




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