a happy wednesday


Hey! This Wednesday has felt really good, my biology test went really well and the rest of my classes went smoothly by (my gym class was definitely my favorite). After school I did my homework and watched netflix until I had to start going to my badminton class. My badminton class was really productive we played mostly matches but they all went well for me so it was fun! When I got home I ate dinner and took a shower. Now I need to go and brush my teeth and then eventually read on my book, good night!

xoxo Louise


biologi prov och hundar

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Hejsan! Denna veckas tisdag har varit gått jättebra, har varit på bra humör och alla timmar i skolan har gått snabbt förbi. Jag hade tyska, historia och hälsokunskap. Efter skolan skulle Patricia gå ut med hennes store brors hund och eftersom att vi skulle plugga tillsammans efteråt följde jag med. Deras hund var ljuvlig, en liten valp ( inte den på bilden, det var hennes brors andra hund). När vi var färdiga pluggade vi till morgondagens biologi prov, och jag tror hoppas på att jag kommer ihåg allt. Ska ta det lugnt nu så at jag låter min hjärna slappna av lite tills imorgon. Ha en bra kväll och lycka till om ni har några prov senare i veckan!

xoxo Louise

Sunday anxiety

Yesterday I was busy all day. I woke up around 8.30am and started my day with reading a couple chapters on my book and then eating breakfast. Later I studied for my biology test and did some other homework. Late in the noon me and my mum walked to H&M to buy some jeans to my little brother. Then we continued to Zara and Stadium. We ate lunch at Stockmann and I came home around three. I stayed home for 40 minutes and then I walked over to Patricia’s home. We decided to go and get our movie tickets from Tennispalatsi that we had reserved for today. But there had been some kind of mistake because we had accidentally reserved them for Saturday but luckily everything got fixed and we were lucky because we hadn’t payed them yet. We got our tickets and walked home.It took us over one hour to come home because we stayed at Lush and Stockmann for a while, haha. At Patricia’s we fixed my current bed for the night and played a board game. In the evening we watched this horror movie called The Conjuring and to be honest I had a bit trouble falling asleep… 
In the morning we made croissants and it was so delicious. And I had (luckily) a good night sleep though the movie we had watched the previous night. The Maze Runner movie started 11.30am so we needed to get quickly ready and start walking to the cinema. The Maze Runner; Scorch trials was so good! I reall really liked it. I think that the effects were really good made and I got scared a couple times. But I will blame the movie we watched the night before. I went straight home after the movie and studied. Tomorrow is going to be a really long day but it’s going to be cold I can finally start wearing sweaters whitout sweating, yej! 
xoxo Louise




Denna fredagen började väldigt bra. Fick en väldigt lugn start på veckoslutet. På morgonen gick Ceccan och jag till Starbucks för ovanlighetens skull. Jag köpte te och hon en chai latte, båda var väldigt goda! Min första lektion var biologi, sedan modersmål där vi skrev den roligaste historien med mina klasskompisar, och min sista lektion var matematik. Lite krulligt var det men när man gjort några uppgifter började man fatta. Efter skolan gick jag via Akademen för att köpa nyaste Teen Vogue, för er som inte visste så älskar jag den tidningen, och till biblioteket för att lämna in en bok. När jag kom hem åt jag mellanmål och satt mig vid mitt skrivbord och läste biologi. Det höll jaga på med tills pappa ringde runt fem på kvällen och vi gick till Hanko sushi för att hämta middag. Jag har aldrig gillat sushi och nu har jag fått någon impuls till att “utvidga min kost” så jag bestämde mig för att ta mig själv i kragen och äta sushi eftersom att alla andra i familjen gör det. Jag åt bara dom med lax och det var väl helt okej, inte det bästa.

kan vi prat om hur fina Starbucks muggar är nu??

Nu tänkte jag gå lite tidigas än vanligt och lägga mig eftersom att det blir en lång dag imorgon, jag ska träffa Patricia och sen ska jag sova över så det lär bli en lång natt, haha.

xoxo Louise

tori kelly


Today I had my first test, English. It was really easy, or I hope I did well. The essay was really easy because I write my blog posts in english so it was like writing a blog post, haha. My school day was normal as usual the only thing that was kind of different from the usual. We watched a movie/tv show in our English class. Probably because we had just had a test and there was no point of starting something new so soon. The tv-show/movie we watched was called Hercule Poirot and he was some kind of detective. It was really good towards the end but in the begging it was kind of hard to understand. After school I took the train home, did some homework and went to my badminton lesson with Patricia. We had a really though warm up and in the end we played. I won one out of two so yes!

Tomorrow is a normal Thursday and I’m really stoked for the weekend though I have to study for my biology test next week, but no stress.

xoxo Louise

I’ve been obsessed with Tori Kelly lately and I definitely want to see her live sometime, here are tow of my favorite songs of hers.



Hey! This Monday has gone by really slow but I’ve tried to been as positive as possible, hahaha. My school day was one lesson shorter today because my German teacher was sick so we got to go home one hour earlier yej! When I got home I did some homework and studied for my English test. Our neighbor and my little brothers best friend had bought air board. And we got to try it!! It was so cool but really hard the first time but when I got the hang of it I did pretty good :-). In the evening I had my clarinet and theory lesson as usual. Now I’m heading home to get some sleep and then start a new day.

xoxo Louise

study weekend

Hey! Sorry for such a bad update but I have not had anything special to blog about so I thought I would just do a weekend post today as always. I haven’t really done anything else this weekend than studied and finished a book. We drove to my summer cottage on Friday evening and came home today afternoon.

On Friday I did not go to school because there was no busses or trains going because of the strike, so there was really no point of going because there wasn’t either any normal classes. Yes! Longer weekend. Instead of going to school I read German words, studied for my English test, read Eleanor and Park and of course watched Netflix. I’ve started watching Saved By The Bell and i really like it, especially because it’s from another decade and everything is so different, have any of you watched it?

On Saturday I mostly studied and finished Eleanor and Park and it was so good! The ending was so happy but still so sad. In the evening we went for the last time in the beach sauna. In the evening I watched netflix and went kind of early to bed. Today I woke up at 8am and it was such a beautiful morning, I wished I could wake up to that every morning. I cleaned the house in the noon and then we drove home. When we got home I met Patricia, she had finally come home from a week long trip and I was so happy to see her. We had really much to catch up on and what could be a better way to do that then go penny boarding? We went around both Kaivopuisto and Katajannokka. When I got home we ate dinner and I started reading Allegiant by Veronica Roth and so far so good.

this is how it looked when I woke up, beautiful huh?

IMG_0036 IMG_0037

Tomorrow I’m going to have a really long day but the only way to get thru it is to be positive!

xoxo Louise