Hey! Long time ago, sorry about that but I wasn’t home during the weekend and I have had much school work that had to be done. But my weekend was AWSOME, I will make a post about it either later today or during the week (hopefully). Today I had a normal school day from 9.25am to 15.40pm the times that I start are so wierd because the teachers changed them and now everyone are all confused when we start etc. ugh. Today I have my first clarinet lesson after the summer and I’m a little worried about how it’s going to go because I haven’t played at all during the summer… 

Tomorrow is picture day in school and I hope my picture turns out good, I have many years of bad pictures, haha. And after school Patricia and I are going paddle boarding and I’m soooo excited!!

xoxo Louise 

a picture I took duirng the weekend 🙂

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