paper towns – review and pizza


So I didn’t plan that this post would be up this late but well what ever. After the paper towns movie I was in a shock I was still watching that movie in my head because it WAS SO GOOD. I loved it, to be honest I liked it much better than TFIOS. I thank the movie was fun, mysterious and real, that is the kinds of movies I like.

After the movie I went home and later Ceccan invited me to come and eat pizza and swim with her mum and little sister and of course I said yes! First we took our bicycles to this place called “kompassen” so compass and then ee took a boat to this place called Skiffer and their pizzas are the best! I ate one with strawberrys and goat cheese, yum! We didn’t go swimming because it got kind of late so I went to my place and Ceccan to hers. When I got back home I went to the shower and now I’m going read a book and then sleep, early morning tomorrow…
xoxo Louise 



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