12 things…

Hello! Today is one of those boring rainy days where you really don’t know what to do, so that is why I listed 12 things that you can do on a rainy summer day because I know hope that I’m not the only one having trouble finding things to do. Hope these things help you!

  1. Watch the whole day movies/tv shows
  2. Read a good book
  3. Talk to a friend for example FaceTime
  4. Bake something you’ve never baked before
  5. Go out in the rain wearing a bikini and do something fun, for example jump on a trampoline or play football
  6. Write a short story
  7. Clean your room (in worst cases)
  8. stalk all your friends on Instagram
  9. sleep as long as you can
  10. search for new music and make new playlists and listen to them all day
  11. workout inside the house
  12. onlineshop

xoxo Louise


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