Natural History Museum 


Today we visited the natural history museum, and it was incredible! I really liked it and the exhibits were really fun to watch. I have really nothing much to say than I have been kind of busy here and tomorrow we are going hiking so we will see about the update but I’m flying home on Sunday so I will try to post more pictures from my camera then :). 

xoxo Louise


yes, that is a real body
the hope diamond




Igår åkte vi in till Washington D.C för lite turistande. Alltså staden var helt sjukt stor, eller allt lågt ganska långt ifrån varandra så vi fick gå mycket. Vi startade runt elva och kom hem efter fem, så vi var borta nästan hela dagen. Jag fick se massor nytt, vi såg bl.a Washington monumenten samt Lincoln, Vietnam kriget och Korea Krigets monument. 

Jag tycker att Vietnam krigets monument var jätterörande, eftersom att det var stora stenplattor satta eftervarandra och på hade man skrivit namn på alla dom som dött, det var 56.000 människor, usch… Lincoln monumentet var helt enormt, det var en stor staty av honom (sittandes) inne i ett hus, det var ett av dom severdheter jag hade sett mest fram emot :). Vi såg också vita huset, dock inte presidenten och sist besökte vi National Museum of American History. Det blev en stor historia lektion för mig och det var jätteintressant (och jag är helt säriös). Jag fick veta mycket om krigen, olika uppfinningar och så fick jag se en av dom först flaggorna. Den var helt enorm och hade mindre stjärnor än den nuvarande. Nu tänkte jag visa er de få bilder jag tog med min telefon(har mycket mera på min kamera).

xoxo Lousie


andra väldrskrigets monument
washington momumentet (tornet)
vietnam krigets monument
Lincoln monument
Korea krigets monument
vita huset

airplane, the forest and theater 

Hey, I landed in Washington a one day ago and so far it has been amazing! The airplane ride here was not bad, I watched movies and read a book and when I got to Washington the local time was about 7pm I was kind of tiered because it was 2am Finnish time… The rest of the night I spent unpacking and enjoying the company there. 

             On Friday/ Yesterday my friend had herats school day so her mum took me to the school to see how it was and it was so different! When we had come home my friend and I went walking through the woods to this theater. It was so hot, it’s over 30 degrees so we were both kind of sweaty when we got back. The theater was huge, and we got really close to the scene. In the evening we went to this restaurant called Seasons 52, and it changes their menu every week depending on the season. I ate risotto with salmon and sweat peas and it was literally the best salmon I’ve ever had, I wish I could eat it every day, haha! When we had got home from the restaurant my friend played with her sister and their other guests Apples to Apples. It’s a really fun game that I hadn’t played before. We played until midnight and then we went to sleep.

           xoxo Louise


Hej! Sitter i planet, det har inte startat, och jag är jätteexalterad för att åka. Ska först flyga till Reykjavik och sedan vänta i en timme och sedan flyga vidare. Ville bara uppdatera er snabbt så jag skriver när jag har tid!

xoxo Louise 


I’m traveling to…


As many of you probably know I visited Florida during February and this week I’m going back to the U.S but not Florida. I am visiting family friends and I’m going alone, which is both scary and exciting. I’m flying on Thursday to Iceland and there I’m switching planes and flying to Washington D.C. I’m so happy that I have this opportunity to see the city, though our friends are living under an hour car ride away :). I’m coming home a couple days after 4th of July and during this time I am away there will not be many posts. I will try to write some scheduled posts if I have time and try to keep the blog updated. I’m so excited about all of the  things we have planned to do and can’t wait until I’m there!

xoxo Louise



Today has been one of the greatest summer days yet. I woke up a bit before ten and ate breakfast, got dressed and chilled for a couple of hours. A bit before twelve Ceccan came outside my home and we took the tram to Linnanmäki, an amusement park. It was kind of cloudy and it looked like it would start raining anytime, but we still bought ourselves tickets/wristbands and started going in the different machines. We started with the up-side-down house and continued to the crash cars, we went in almost every machine, I really went outside my comfort zone, which I’m really proud of because I has such a great time! We ate lunch around two and stayed for a couple of hours after it. 
There was two sudden rain showers, the first one we survived but the second one… We were in this smaller roller coaster when it started pouring rain and it felt like someone where throwing nails at us, haha :). When we were done with the ride we were so wet that we didn’t even think about to go in the water roller coasters. When I got home I sat down and just went online just chilling after a long day.
xoxo Louise