5 things I’m really bad at

Hello! So I decided to do the same post as Anna did on her blog because I thought it would be fun, but I’m doing a follow up tomorrow, 5 things I’m good at. How does that sound? Let’s just begin with the list.

  1. Keeping my closet organized. My closet is literally a mess my shirts are just in a big mess and I can’t find anything in there. I can fold clothes but I’m just really lazy…
  2. Equations. I don’t understand them at all, my brain just stops working when it comes to equations, I really need to learn them until the math test we are going to have next week.
  3. Try new things. I always stick to the same tv shows, workout routines, outfits. I need to start going out of my comfort zone! To be honest I think this year has been and it’s going to be a year where I try new things.
  4. Finish a book. If it’s a book that I really like it takes a week or so but if it’s a book that is okay or i have reached a part in the book that is really boring it can take me up to six months to finish it…
  5. Say sorry. When I’m not getting along with my friends I always have a really hard time to say that I’m sorry etc. usually it works out but it’s kind of annoying. I think this is also a bit in the comfort zone and I will fix it, I just need time :-).

xoxo Louise


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