Sunday funday

Hey! Today I had an audition for a dance group that competes in the Finish Championships, there was over 100 other people there so I don’t think me and my dancing was that special, but it was still a fun dance lesson :). After the auditions Patricia and I took our penny boards and went for ice cream, near the beach. It took us so long to decide what we wanted (I think the girl behind the desk got a little annoyed…) but we got our ice cream. We sat down and ate, and when we were finished we went to the “beach” near because we wanted to feel if the water was any warm, and it really was!! On the way home we stopped by a park and there was this really cool swing that we just couldn’t resist trying. Everybody looked at us wondering how old we really were, haha. We had a family friend over for dinner and it was a really great time. Now I’m just going to go to shower and the to sleep. Tomorrow I’m going to a five day badminton day-camp with Patricia and I’m so pumped up about that!!

xoxo Louise

Here is a song that I have been obsessed with lately:


bucket list for summer 2015

Hey! I didn’t think it was too late to do a list about things I want to do this summer so here it is:

  • make homemade ice cream
  • unplug for one whole day (be without TV, phone, computer etc.)
  • go jogging everyday for a whole week
  • go hiking with a friend
  • have a movie marathon
  • learn a new trick on the trampoline
  • have a water balloon fight
  • do something I have never done before
  • go camping
  • meet someone new

Do you have a bucket list for the summer or are you just going to do what you like? Comment 🙂

xoxo Louise


sĂ„ var 7:an avklarad

Hej! Detta Är var skolans vÄrfest mitt pÄ dagen kl. 13.00 för att gymnasierna hade före oss dimison. Jag var med i orkestern som vanligt, och vi spelade nÀr 9:orna tÄgade in och i slutet nÀr det var allsÄng. Det var en helt normal skolavslutning, tal hölls och 9:orna fick sina stipendier och betyg. Vi fick vÄra betyg i klassen efter vÄrfesten och jag kunde inte vara mera nöjd! Nu pÄ eftermiddagen och kvÀllen har vi inga speciella planer och imorgon ska jag göra nÄgonting som jag Àr jÀttenervös över, men jag berÀttar om det först senare :).

xoxo Louise

Outfiten jag hade pÄ vÄrfesten:

//dress from JC// Jean jacket from H&M// cross-body bag from Longchamp //shoes from Stockmann//

DSC_0959 DSC_0967

outfit of the day

 Hej! Kom just hem frĂ„n Tennispalatsen, jag var pĂ„ bio med Ceccan och Sofia. Vi sĂ„g Pitch Perfect 2 och den var sĂ„Ă„Ă„ bra!! TĂ€nk om det bara skulle komma en tredje del <4. I skolan hade vi stipendie utdelning och bobolls match, lĂ€rarna mot 9:orna, lĂ€rarna vann… Imorgon Ă€r det vĂ„r fest och sedan Ă€r det SOMMARLOV!!!

xoxo Louise

// shirt from Urban Outfitters//Jeans from Tommy Hilfiger// flower crown from H&M//


tuff trÀning

Hej! Kom just hem frĂ„n dans trĂ€ningarna och det var nog en av dom hĂ„rdaste trĂ€ningarna hittills! De e sĂ„ skönt efterĂ„t nĂ€r man fĂ„tt svettas och kĂ€nner det pĂ„ sig :). Btw. gjorde ett konto pĂ„ blogglovin’ för jag hade hört sĂ„ mycket bra om det sĂ„ hĂ€r Ă€r lĂ€nken :).

xoxo Louise

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suomenlinna + penny boarding

Hey! I’m really tiered when I’m writing this, so I’m just going to say this; 

We went on a field trip to Suomenlinna today with school and after it Patricia and I went Penny boarding and I have some pictures that I wanted to post, so enjoy and good night! 

xoxo Louise