tests and elections

Hello! My day has been great and I’m just in a really happy mood. Our Easter break ended on Monday so I was back in school on Tuesday. My break was really relaxing and ful of studying for my finish test I had today, which went okay I guess… It was really difficult especially the words you had to translate, I still hope it went well :-). My school day was one lesson shorter today so I came earlier home. I had a ton of homework to do so I did those and now I have just been watching youtube videos. In the evening I’m going to try Patricia’s badminton class to see if it’s something for me, though I haven’t played so much (just at my summer cottage) I hope it’s going to end well.

There is coming the parliamentary elections and of course you have to be over 18 to vote, but in our school and other Swedish schools (in Finland) they had done a youth elections so we can vote also but they are not counting it for real. We had to vote today so Patricia and I thought it would be fun but we had no idea of who we were going to vote at so we did a test that a teacher suggested and voted for that person. I’m not going to write it here, but I hope I voted right, haha!

a picture from Florida, Orlando I don’t remember posting. But I think it’s really pretty so why not :-)?

xoxo Louise


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