sunday funday

Hello! Today I woke up pretty early but I stayed in bed reading, scrolling through my social media and watching netflix, well of cours I did who wouldn’t? Lately I been obsessed with these shows called 90210 and Dance Moms, I think that you have heard of them. They are my absolute favorite tv shows and I watch them anytime everywhere, haha! Most of my morning I spent sitting at my desk reading for my math test, boring huh? But my day got better when we decided with Patricia that we would go penny boarding (is that a thing even?), and I don’t know what to call it because I skate with a penny board and Patricia with a banana. Any suggestions?

We met at my place, are some quick lunch and went outside. It was so refreshing to go outside and it was really warm especially when there was no wind. We headed out to Kaivopuisto and just skated around there for a bit, until we wanted something sweet so we went to the store and bought ice cream! First ice cream for the year. Or I don’t know, it was store ice creaming so I don’t know if it should count… We skated around for almost three hours ’til we came back to me where we just relaxed a bit and played some cards, sounds so wired :). Patricia went home soon after we had came back and the rest of the night I spent with family and netflix. 

The beginning of next week is going to be a little busy for me, but I’m still going to try to keep the blog updated. I have a concert tomorrow which is probably going to take forever, ugh. And on Tuesday I’m going to practice for the math test with Patricia and on of Wednesday something really fun is going to happen, I’m going to see Katy Perry live!! I’m so excited. Are you going to the concert?

xoxo Louise

do you prefer penny board or banana? let me know by commenting 🙂


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