lazy days

Hey! So this weekend went awfully fast agin, ugh. But on the bright side it’s finally March and (hopefully) spring is coming soon, yes! I can’t wait for it to get warmer and sunnier, the weather her is really depressing, with all of the rain and clouds.

Yesterday I saw The DUFF and omg seriously it was so good! It’s definitely my favorite movie after 22 jump street, gotta love that movie :)! I really love that kind of movies and I think that in the end it tries to teach to that no matter how you dress or look it doesn’t matter what other people think of you, the true friends will always love you, that is really important. After the movie I went home just to chill and relax and later we went to the sauna in our building and had a sauna night. It was so nice because we only have a sauna at our summer cottage and we don’t usually go here, so it was fun with some change :). Today I have just been doing homework and laying in bed, maybe I should try to do something a bit more productive sometimes…

xoxo Louise



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