Sunday funday

Hey! Weekend’s over and nothing special happened, which was so calming and relaxing. Especially when there is no tests to worry about :). Yesterday I literally didn’t do anything during the day and in the evening my grandmother came for dinner and we had a great time! Today I have been packing (you’ll know why in the end) and then I met Patricia. We walked in town for about an hour and an half. I needed a pencil (haha) and then we went to Behnford’s and we looked on the candy there and decided that we would by one chocolate bar each that we could try. I bought Reese’s and she Cadbury creme egg edition. Both were okay, but we liked the Reese’s better. Which one do you prefer?


So now to the big thing aka why I was packing…
So winter break is coming up, and this year my and my family are going to travelled somewhere else than Ruka or Levi. We are going to Florida!!! Like omg. It’s such a huge thing for me :). And I’m so excited. We are leaving on Thursday morning and coming home on Wednesday morning ( week nine). We are going to stay at many different places and first we are going to Miami, but the other city’s in telling first later… I’m probably going to be able to blog while I’m there so I will keep you updated!

xoxo Louise


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