Gossip Girl -tag

Hey! So as many of you probably know I love Gossip Girl, so I thought I would do the Gossip Girl -tag. I was going to do a Beverly Hills 90210 -tag but, I couldn’t find one… So if you know where I can find one, can you please link it in the comments? That was all I had to say so let’s start!

1. What Gossip Girl Character would you be and Why?
I think that I would want to be Blair Waldorf or Serena, I can’t choose.
2. Which character do you hate the most?
To be honest, I don’t hate one person all the time, it always changes. But right now its Jenny Humphrey.
3. What is your favorite food from the show?
Rufus waffles, I have always wanted to try them.
4. What is your favorite tradition? Waffle Sunday, Thanksgiving, Fashion Show Front Row
I think Fashion Show Front Row is a really fun tradition and I would love to have it as a tradition with my best friend.
5. Would you want to live on the upper east side or Brooklyn?
Definitely Upper East Side, I think it would be really cool.
6. What does 8 letters, 3 words mean?
I love you
7. Chuck, Dan or Nate?
Definitely Nate, I think he’s such a gentleman 🙂
8. What is your favorite episode?
I have two actually, season 3 episode 11 and 22.
9. What is the favorite look of Jenny’s in all the seasons. – good girl or bad girl.
I prefer good girl, is it weird?
11. Who do you think Gossip Girl is?
Okay, so I’m just starting in season four so I can’t say anything about it.

xoxo Louise


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