short school day

Hey! I was not in a mood for Monday today, but as usually I had to wake up and face the day :). I woke up at 6.20am, ate breakfast and went to school. I met Patricia at the railway station. It has been snowing all day, but it’s wet snow so it’s not even fun… My school day was ok, I guess. We watched Frozen in English class, and to be honest I have never seen Frozen before. I know, I know… But better late than never :). I really liked it and Olaf is soon cute. As you didn’t know… Our school day ended two classes earlier, because our teacher was ill!! I have never been happier that someone is ill. So our school day ended 13.00pm and I walked home in the “snow storm”. When I got home I ate sandwich and made a blueberry smoothie, yum! Now I think I’m going to practice for our chemistry on Wednesday, last test and then it’s four weeks off! In the evening I’m going to my music theory and my clarinet lesson.

xoxo Louise

Here are two of my favorite songs at the moment, kind of old. But music never gets old 🙂


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