☃✱ winter essentials✱ ☃

winter essentials 2014

Hey! Because it’s winter and I’m bored, I thought I would do a ‘winter essentials’ post. I think I did something similar in summer, I don’t know, but let’s start :).

1. Knee high socks or fuzzy socks in general are such an must have for me in the winter. They keep you warm and they are very stylish in my opinion.

2.  A book, I read much and I take a book with me almost everywhere. I got this bok for christmas and I haven’t started reading it, but I’ve hear that it’s really good.

3. Earphones, not just these but smaller ones also. I have always a pair of earphones in my pocket and whenever I get bored I listen to music. That sounded really negative…?

4. Body lotion. I own like a ton of body lotions and I use them almost every day during the winter because my skin gets dry really easy…

5. Baby Lips, my lips are really dry in the winter so I need chop stick, and I think baby lips is one of the best, especially the dr. rescue one.

what are your winter essentials? comment.

xoxo Louise


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