little update

Hey! It was a long time ago, haha. It feels really nice to be off school, its such a relief :). And I’m really enjoying it. I have been in my bed watching netflix and reading a book that I got for christmas, Let It Snow by John Green, it’s really good i really recommend it. But I have been outside, don’t worry. I have been sleight riding with my brother and Pauline, it’s so much fun when we finally got snow here, and it feels like its going to stay for a while. Yesterday Patricia was at my place and we played FIFA15 and sang singstar, we had such a great time. First we didn’t know how to play FIFA at all but after a few tips from my brother and done a few exercises we got it! We played two games, and the first one she won me 0-2 and the last one was a tie 0-0 so I had become better or then it was the other vise… But still I can’t beat my brother, bu that day will become!

xoxo Louise


source; tumblr


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