goodbye 2014, hello 2015


Last day of 2014, I can’t believe it. This year went so fast, is it just med or does anyone else have the same feeling? This year has been so incredible. I have laughed so hard that i thought I would never stop, I have been hurt more than I have ever been, but that just life. I have gotten to experience so much, I have gotten many new friends, started in a new school, tried new things, been to Miley Cyrus concert, got a bigger interest in photography and fashion and so much more.

I don’t expect much in 2015 just that I don’t plan to much and get stressed, and that I just have fun :). I think that is going to be my new years resolution, because in this past year I have been really stressed(that causes migraine) and haven’t really been relaxed, except when I have been with my friends. I have just been worried for the future, and now Im going to try to just live in present and if something gets complicated take it step by step. But in the other hand 2014 was one of the most memorable years and Im so thankful for everything. I hope 2015 will be as good as 2014 or even better. Do you have any new years resolutions or do you expect anything special in 2015?

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*pictures from last years new years eve


☃✱ winter essentials✱ ☃

winter essentials 2014

Hey! Because it’s winter and I’m bored, I thought I would do a ‘winter essentials’ post. I think I did something similar in summer, I don’t know, but let’s start :).

1. Knee high socks or fuzzy socks in general are such an must have for me in the winter. They keep you warm and they are very stylish in my opinion.

2.  A book, I read much and I take a book with me almost everywhere. I got this bok for christmas and I haven’t started reading it, but I’ve hear that it’s really good.

3. Earphones, not just these but smaller ones also. I have always a pair of earphones in my pocket and whenever I get bored I listen to music. That sounded really negative…?

4. Body lotion. I own like a ton of body lotions and I use them almost every day during the winter because my skin gets dry really easy…

5. Baby Lips, my lips are really dry in the winter so I need chop stick, and I think baby lips is one of the best, especially the dr. rescue one.

what are your winter essentials? comment.

xoxo Louise

little update

Hey! It was a long time ago, haha. It feels really nice to be off school, its such a relief :). And I’m really enjoying it. I have been in my bed watching netflix and reading a book that I got for christmas, Let It Snow by John Green, it’s really good i really recommend it. But I have been outside, don’t worry. I have been sleight riding with my brother and Pauline, it’s so much fun when we finally got snow here, and it feels like its going to stay for a while. Yesterday Patricia was at my place and we played FIFA15 and sang singstar, we had such a great time. First we didn’t know how to play FIFA at all but after a few tips from my brother and done a few exercises we got it! We played two games, and the first one she won me 0-2 and the last one was a tie 0-0 so I had become better or then it was the other vise… But still I can’t beat my brother, bu that day will become!

xoxo Louise


source; tumblr