DSC_0022*picture is from last spring

Hello! I’m so tiered, luckily I can sleep to 7.40am tomorrow :). Today was pretty… don’t know how to explain it? Maybe nervous and normal. As usual on Wednesdays we had a test first and it went well(it was geography if someone missed that). After our test we had history, and it was ment that we would get our grades but the teacher change it for Friday,  so I was a little disappointed… But better on Friday than never, right? After history we had P.E. and we had a cardio test, and it went ok. We needed to do push-ups, sit-ups and pip test. I’m not going to tell my results but I’m happy with them! It was a tough lesson if you compere to the other P.E. lessons, and I’m exhausted.

I’m home now and thought that I would take it pretty chill and read a book or write my school story to finish. I think you can guess which one :)?

xoxo Louise


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