☼good morning☼

Hey finally back 🙂 ! Two weeks was a long time but it went really fast, right? A lot has happened in my life in two weeks and I’ve had so much to blog about. But I haven’t had time 😦 , last week I had one history test and four different quizes(in three days), but I made it and all of the quizes went really well and I haven’t got my results for the test out yet… I hope it went well.
I think you are probably wondering what has happened in my life during my blog pause…? I’m only going to tell you the more important things.

I went to Ceccans sleepover last weekend and it was so much fun. We made tacos and watched a really good movie named ‘Family weekend’ I think…? I had a really great time 🙂 If you want to know more about the sleepover go and check Ceccans blog . At the same weekend me and my godmother went watching the Mamma Mia musical and it was sooooo good I love it! And this weekend I got my ears pierced for the first time and 🙂 . It was a little painful but I survived and now I don’t even notice that I have earrings. That was just a few things, but you got a little update on my life.

I’m in school now and have just eaten lunch, English next! After school Ceccan comes to my place and we are going to practice for our English test on Wednesday. Hope it goes well.

xoxo Louise



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