sunday, again!?


Today I have just chilled, cleaned my closet and gone  shopping with mum.

My closet was pretty messy, but hey! Do you have a clean and organized closet? I didn’t think so 🙂 . So that took an hour and after that we went shopping with my mum. We found some stuff for my brother and a follow up book for me in swedish. It’s a book called ‘Cirkeln’ and it’s the first book in a trilogy written by Mats Stranberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren, and the book that I bought is called ‘Eld’. I recommend this book so badly so please read it, you can read it in english too.


So when I got home I did some homework and watched some tv series. I’m running out of shows to watch so can you please comment? I watch GossipGirl, Pretty Little Liars, Life Unexpected and How I Met Your Mother, this was just a few 🙂 .

So this week I will probably be really busy with school, because we are going to have a math test the 1st of october and I’m want to get a good grade on it and that takes a lot of work so I will probably not bee able to blog. But I will write some posts now and they are coming up during the week.

xoxo Louise


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