Hello! So do not wonder why I named this post ‘homework’ I just named it that ’cause this post it’s going to be really boring(again) and homework is boring so..?

I know that my update has been like really bad but it’s because of school, I’m on 7th grade now and it takes a lot of more time than in 6th grade:( and I’m really sorry about that but i hope you can appreciate that 🙂 . I will try to do timed posts on the weekend so that they are posted during the week.

Have you ever have that kind of days that you just want to disappear and come back when it’s a holiday or something? I had one of those days today. My schooldays was rom 9.10am to 15.45pm and we had really boring subjects: math, chemistry etc. After school I took the train with some friends and it was so much fun, they really cheered up my day or afternoon… When I came home I did some homework and practiced for a word check in my finish class, uh… Now I’m so tiered and I’m just going to go and read a book and relax and don’t stress at all.

xoxo Louise

shirt from Tommy Hilfiger//jeans from Maison Scotch



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