my day 10.9.2014

Hello! So I survived my cold, yey! And I went to school today.

Me and my friends realized very fast on the morning that it wasn’t good at all that I staid home yesterday ’cause I went all hyper ’cause I had not been available to move or talk whit someone yesterday so I was going all crazy whit my friends and I think in the end they didn’t like it, haha. 

My morning was pretty basic. I went to school with Ceccan and Patricia. My schoolday was pretty long but I survived, because I was hyper…! We had English, chemistry where we made our own lava lamps, then math and last swedish. The schoolday  went really fast 🙂 . When I came home I just ate a little bit did some homework and now I’m writing my blog.

Tomorrow it’s a little bit of a special day at school. It’s sports day! Or I think it’s called it in English, I don’t know 😛 . But it goes like this: You choose an activity a week before the day and two days before you see what team you are in and on the sports day you spent half a school day playing football or playing ultimate or whatever you had choosed. I’m playing ultimate and flag ball (I have no idea if it’s called that but whatever). It’s going to be really funny!!

xoxo Louise



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