✧my bucket list before I die✧

1. go to USA, New York/Washington/Californien
2. Meet Siena Mirabella and Neymar Jr.
3. go on a road trip whit my closets friends
4. swim whit dolphins
5. learn how to draw
6. go to a fashion show
7. be a “famous” blogger
8. get long hair
9. go on a no budget shopping spree
10. go to Disney land
11. travel to at least one country in every five continent(Europe doesn’t count ’cause I live there)
12. go to another country as an exchange student
13. get followed by a celebrity on twitter or instagram
14. be able to do the splits
15. write a letter to myself and open it ten years later.

So that was a few things that I wish I would do before I die. What are things that you have on your bucket list? Comment down below 🙂

xoxo Louise



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