my day∼street food


Today I woke up at 7.20am, and made breakfast and started make myself precentable for school. We had pictures day at school so I straighten my hair and put some concealer, mascara and lipgloss for a little “fancier look”. Haha.  And this was my outfit: //shirt from Ralph Lauren//Jeans from Maison Scotch//necklace from brandy melville//scarf from Zara photo


We had a pretty long day from 9.10am to 15.45pm… We had english, chemistry, math and first language(swedish for me), and that’s it. They took the pictures after lunch so I hope that I didn’t have anything between my teeth 😛 . After school I went home whit some friends and then I just did some homework and ate a little bit. In the evening my parents suggested that we would go to Kasarmintori and eat there ’cause there was a street carnival where you could go and eat different kinds of street food, ofc. There was fish and chips, hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, sallads and belgian waffles. I took a feta chicken sallad with a peeta bread and omg it was so delicious, I have pics for you. And as dessert me and my brother sheared a belgian waffle whit whipped cream and nutella, and there is seriously no words to describe how yummy that was! You have to try it.

photo 2 photo 1

We came home for about half an hour ago and I think I’m going to take a shower and then read a really good book that I’m currently reading 🙂 .

xoxo Louise


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