bloggpaus från 29.9-12.10

Hej! Så nu har jag bestämt mig för en två veckor lång blogg paus. Det är för att allt i skolan har ändrats ganska mycket nu och jag måst först få kontroll över det förrän jag kan börja fokusera på bloggen. Jag kommer nog att börja eller försöka blogga efter två veckor när jag hoppas att jag fått allt i ordning. Jag hoppas att ni förstår ❤ .

//Hey! So now I have decided to take a two week pause from blogging. The reason is school. Everything is much different now than it was last year and I have to take control over my school work and my ‘socal life’ with friends and family before I start worrying about my blog. I will start blogging or try after two weeks when I hope I have everything under control. I hope you understand ❤//

xoxo Louise


‘the hunt’

The hunt är en helt amazing app som går ut på att om du hittar ett snyggt klädesplagg eller ett iPhone skal på tumblr eller google och du vill veta vart man kan köpa den så kan du lägga ut den i the hunt och så hjälper andra användare dig att hitta klädesplagget eller iPhone skalet. Denna app har hjälpt mig mycket och jag använder appen hela tiden och den har hjälpt mig massor och det är roligt att få hjälpa andra också. Appen är helt gratis och man behöver en användare för de som också är helt gratis att fixa :)))) .

Ceccan och jag har ett gemensamt konto där vi heter Coize om ni har appen gå gärna in på vår sida och hjälp oss att hitta skjortor eller ylletröjor nu för hösten, vi skulle vara jättetacksamma!

xoxo Louise


//sweater from Gina Tricot//jeans from Maison Scotch//necklace from Brandy Melville

I think you all have noticed that I haven’t had any ‘my day’ posts lately(My posts have been timed) and that’s because I’m so busy with school I’m having a math test coming up next week on Wednesday and after that I’m going to have every Wednesday a test until December and I don’t know if I’m going to have so much time to update so I will MAYBE take a pause from blogging for a month or something like that. I really hope you understand ❤ but I haven't decided yet so I will come back to that later 🙂

xoxo Louise

Fall wanties


1. A long cardigan in white or black, I have wanted one of these pretty long and they are just so cozy and warm and cozy :)))

2. A white infinity scarf, I have a grey/black one but it’s so old and used and it would be perfect to have in another color

3. An iPhone case, okay. You don’t now this but I did this collage 2 weeks ago but never posted it and back then I needed an iPhone case but I bought one yesterday so it’s just there and I couldn’t change it…

4. A watch, not necessary Marc By Marc Jacbos but it’s so pretty so i decided to have it in this collage :)))

5. Beats by Dre, I need new headphones so bad, and beats is the best so I’m saving for them :))))

6. Ripped dark washed jeans, do I even need to explain my self?

7. A dark red/lila nail laquer cause I think that black is little too much and pink?! no, no, no.

8. Earrings, I’m so close to convince my mum so I hope my ‘dream’ comes true 😛

9. Choker necklace, they are not that much ‘in’ that they were but still it’s so pretty :))))

sunday, again!?


Today I have just chilled, cleaned my closet and gone  shopping with mum.

My closet was pretty messy, but hey! Do you have a clean and organized closet? I didn’t think so 🙂 . So that took an hour and after that we went shopping with my mum. We found some stuff for my brother and a follow up book for me in swedish. It’s a book called ‘Cirkeln’ and it’s the first book in a trilogy written by Mats Stranberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren, and the book that I bought is called ‘Eld’. I recommend this book so badly so please read it, you can read it in english too.


So when I got home I did some homework and watched some tv series. I’m running out of shows to watch so can you please comment? I watch GossipGirl, Pretty Little Liars, Life Unexpected and How I Met Your Mother, this was just a few 🙂 .

So this week I will probably be really busy with school, because we are going to have a math test the 1st of october and I’m want to get a good grade on it and that takes a lot of work so I will probably not bee able to blog. But I will write some posts now and they are coming up during the week.

xoxo Louise