long day + #ootd


So today was a pretty long school day for me or first it didn’t feel like that but in the afternoon when you got hungry it felt like one minute was a whole year. My school day started at 9.30am and ended in 03.45pm. My first class was math, it’s the best way to start the morning whit math, right? Just kidding. Our math teacher was really nice except that that he gave us a 60 minute test whit all of the stuff that we had learned in the past years, and guess if I remembered all of the math stuff we had learned in the past year? No. But it went surprisingly well and I remembered 98% of the stuff… After math we had english and we played a game, when one person says a word in english and then the next person says a word in english that starts whit  the previous persons words last letter, get it? An we only had  10s to think of a word. It was really fun and after we had played it a while we did some tasks in our books. After lunch we had textil crafts and we had it for 2 and a half hour and it was really fun except that, that I was really hungry the whole time so when I got home I ate a sandwich a drank a smoothie, yum!¨

Here is my outfit of today 🙂

shirt from Ralph Lauren//Jeans from Mason Sctoch//Necklace from BrandyMelville




xoxo Louise