weekend in the turku archipelago

Hey 🙂

My weekend was really great! Me and my family was to our friends summer cottage in the Turku archipelago(??) and the nature there was so beautiful. First we drove about three hours and then we took the boat to their cottage, and that took one hour. It was pretty late on friday night when we arrived to the house but we ate pulled pork(yum!) to dinner and then we went to sleep. The next day we woke up to some sheep noises, and I was like whaaat!? am I dreaming? But no. There really was a baby sheep and it’s mother and it was so cute! They came visiting us a couple more times than that 🙂 . After breakfast we went to a different island named fĂ„rö. There we swam, ate some mud cake and I read a book. It was a perfect summer weather but still I was cold…? In the evening we went to the sauna and swam even more. For dinner we ate entrecĂŽte and a very good risotto. When we were suppost to sleep Ian and I got a brilliant idea to watch a short horror movie called lights out and I’ve seen it before but Ian wanted to see it so we watched it and I screamed in to my pillow more than a billion times and after the short movie we watched another one by the same maker called pictures and it wasn’t nearly as terrifying as the first one so we watched a third on called cam closer and seriously I screamed so hard that the people in australien would hear it. It was so scary! But after words we quite laughed to it 🙂 … But go and watch those short movies and I bet you can’t sleep for the next night. Today we just ate breakfast packed our stuff and went home. On our way home we ate lunch and the boys swam even more…! Hope you liked this post!

xoxo Louise

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