Top 7 apps

Hey! So I thought I would do like ceccan and do a my favorite apps post. So let’s get started!

Netflix is a free app but you need to pay 7.99€ a month to watch movies and series whit no limit. I love netflix because it saves the place in a movie or a serie if you haven’t had time to finish it and Netflix has a lot of movies and series to chose between.

Squaready is an app that you can get white frames to pictures before you post them om Instagram and I use it all the time. There is an different app fore videos too.

This app costs 0.89€ but it’s totally worth it! You can but how many filters you want on a picture and choose how strong you want the color of the filter to be, I love it!!

We ❤ it is an inspiration app whit tumblr pics and I really don't have anything else to say about this app, many of my pictures comes from we ❤ it.

I’m using this app every time a do my fashion collages and it’s great! You can make collages and search for nice clothing and buy it from the store that the app gives you, it’s perfect!

If you hear a song on the radio but you have no idea what the song is called you just use this app and it gives you the name of the song and the artist.


I have spotify premium and I seriously use it all the time! You can listen to any kind of music where you want and whenever you want and you can make your own playlists and listen to them on repeat and shuffel it’s just the greatest music app ever ❤ .

xoxo Louise


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