~there is never to much luxury~

~there is never to much luxury~


back in business

Hey! So my summer brake is now officially over 😦 … I have a daily dance camp from monday/today to thursday and I have to wake up 8.30am and dance five hours including lunch brake, it’s pretty ruff compered to what I’ve done in the summer 😉 .

I was pretty nervous to go on the dance camp because I didn’t have any friends whit me I was all by my self. But when the dance class started I had already found a friend, and we had so much fun during the day 🙂 . So the first dance class started at 10am and it was pretty ruff now after summer brake, and my teacher said that it would be tougher tomorrow, I’m seriously going to be dead tomorrow 😛 . After a two hour dance class in a 25 degree room it was time for lunch, yum.  After lunch it was time for the second and last dance class of the day. We danced a mix of show dance an lyrical jazz and omg it was sooooo much fun!! After the dance class I went home, took a shower and now I’ve just relaxed…

Hope you enjoyed this post!



xoxo Louise