It has been a lovlie weather today, sun and heat, could it be better? We went out to our summer cottage on friday and came home today. On friday and saturday the weather was pretty cold and cloudy but we had still fun! I got to be whit my cousin and hang in the hammock 🙂 . Otherwise I have fished, swam, drive our new motorboat and just relaxed.

Have any of you read `The Fault In Our Stars´ in swedish or english, no difference, but you who are reading it or have read it what do you think? I’m reading it in swedish right now and I promise that it’s the best book I’ve ever read ❤ ! And you guys who have ever even heard of the book *facepalm* and for you who know what I’m talking about but don’t have read the book, do it 😉 ! And btw the books name in swedish is `Förr eller senare exploderar jag´ if you wanted to know.

Tomorrow Anna and I fought that we would go and play minigolf if the weather is good, so cross your fingers!

xoxo Louise



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