Miley freaking Cyrus

Just wow! The concert yesterday was literally A M A Z I N G! Miley did a great show and I loved it♥. Sure it was pretty naked and stuff, but I didn’t bother me about it 🙂 . I had invited Ceccan whit me and she came to me an hour before the show so we could fix our hair and make up, girl stuff you know! On our way to the concert we were both really nervous, we were going to be in the same room as Miley Cyrus!! I couldn’t believe it and I still can’t…! We came a little early to Hartwall Arena , and we waited, waited and waited. When the show was suppost to start (20.45) Miley had not come on the stage yet… She was 15 minutes late. I had imagined that she would be at least a half hour late, but luckly she wasn’t! She started whit SMS(Bangerz) and she did a pretty cool entrance, when she went down a slide that was shaped like her tongue. Crazy right? Then the show continued and it became more crazier for each second. After two and a half hour the show had come to an end, but Miley had one last song left. Party In The U.S.A! It was a great final song and everybody was jumping and screaming, and it was so much fun!! I was so tiered after and I was so happy to come home. This was a show that I’m going to remember my whole life 🙂 !


xoxo Louise


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