Hello lovlies!

My weekend has been really great and I have been pretty busy. On friday my friend Anna came to me, and we were shopping, but I didn’t buy anything. 🙂 I think we were in town for an hour, maybe more. After our little shopping trip we came to me to fix a blog to Anna (click to come to the blog). But before we fixed the blog to Anna we went out to take photos for her blog 😛 . Most of the photos came really good but just few of them ended up on the blog.

On saturday, my brother, my dad and I to to buy a birthday gift to my brothers friend and a birthday gift to me, that my grandmother is giving to me, but she didn’t no what I wanted. You are going to know what it is on tuesday when it’s my actual birthday. 🙂 The afternoon I spent time whit my best friend Pauline. We fixed us ready for the night, because we were going on a party white my family. It was my Godmother and Godfather’s youngest son, we had fun and after we had ate the cake we took a cab home to Pauline. At Pauline’s we watched Disney Channel and ate pizza(we didn’t have that much food on the party), it was really cozy. At 01.00 we went brushing our teeth, and the second after I had put my head on the cushion, I fell asleep. And I woke up 10am. On the morning we ate a really good breakfast and the we went to Stockmanns Crazy Days because Pauline needed a new pair of jeans. We didn’t found any there, but in Zara we found the most stylish jeans I’ve ever seen, and they were red and high waisted and they were so perfekt for her! 😉 After the shopping trip we went back to her place to chill. After a couple hours I walked home and now I’m sitting here. So that was pretty much my weekend, and I hope you enjoyed reading it!

xoxo Louise
Guys, one more thing! I’ll promise you that I’ll end up in California LA some day, I promise!


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