Whats up? It was a long time ago, I know, but I have been really busy and I’m going to try to blog more on next week. ❤

So my weekend has been really fun. On friday Ceccan came to us, and we did each others make up and played Wii. On the afternoon we went out with my little brother and we played some handball and went penny boarding. It was so fun!
On saturday we would have family celebration('cause my brother had his birthday on friday and my birthday is in two weeks) so the whole day was spent cleaning up and preparing for the party. But it was totally worth it, the party was amazing and I'm so thankful for everything I got. The food was really good and the cakes, OK let's not even talk about the cakes 😉 . My friend Linda was also there and we talked and hade a great time, so thank you Linda and I hope we can meet soon! The party went pretty late and now I'm so tired…
Today I woke up 10am and ate some breakfast, then I have done some homework because you have to do your homework if you want good grades! 😛 And now I'm going to check som internet sites and I will probably write tomorrow again.
xoxo Louise
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