Today has been great. I started school at 10.05, so I got to sleep a bit longer, but guess if I did sleep longer? No, I woke up 7.15! Yej… On my first class I had a math test and I really hope it went well, but you really don’t know…? After school I had my clarinet lesson and I had fun but I think my teacher didn’t have as much as fun that I did… 😉 When I came home I worked on my project about Stalin. I wrote one headline completed, and now I have written 3 of 7 titels. So I guess I need to work whit this still a time… 🙂 

Now I thought I would show you some pics I took on the weekend when I was walking in the forest whit my grandmother. So I hope you enjoy! 🙂

xoxo Louise


This was NOT all of the pics, but I took like 60 photos so I’m not gonna posta all of them… 😉


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