back in real life

Hi lovelies!

Today has been very relaxing. I have been “sick” or more correctly in a migraine. It has been awful, but yesterday it was more painful. Yesterday(sunday) I had done the usual stuff you do on mornings and right when I started do some homework, the migraine started. I started to see some flashing lights and a headache started. I was in bed from 12am to 6pm, so in six hours. But I didn’t sleep let’s say for more than 4h of the time. On the afternoon i started feel pretty bad and the headache got worst. My mom got me and cold wet mini towel to put on y forehead, and it really helped. I slept really good and when I woke up at 6pm I felt better, but whit an little headache. I ate some dinner white the rest of the family and went back to bed. It was not so easy to fall a sleep, but in the end I fell asleep 🙂 . When I woke up today, my headache had did a comeback… Not so funny, but luckily it wasn’t that bad like it was yesterday. So today has been, like I already said, relaxing. I have done some homework, and read a book and just rested. later on the day my grandmother came for a visit, or really just to look after me 😉 . It was fun, we plaid some games and just talked. In the evening, my mum had reserved an appointment with a doctor who was specialized in children with migraine, it went pretty well and I’m not going in to more details. When we came home we ate some dinner and I went to a shower and now I’m writing on my blog. I think I’m going to practice two or three times for the word check we have in our english class tomorrow, so wish me luck! 🙂
xoxo Louise


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