Hey! So, now it’s monday. Again. But this time it has been fun, like really fun! 🙂

I woke up 7.45 and ate breakfast(bread and smoothie).  And then i dressed up and practiced for my book review in my finish class. It went pretty well, but later to that. After I practiced, I needed to start to school. In school everything went really good and i had fun.  My book review went good and my teacher liked it! 🙂 But my reading comprehension didn’t went quite as good… But no more about that. After school i went to my dance class whit my friend Josefin.  We had a supply teacher, which was little pity… But real teacher or supply teacher my group has always fun and we dance until we can’t even lift our feet of the ground(or I do, but I’m pretty lazy xD)…

And now I’m sitting her writing on my blog and listening to Real and true by Future, Miley Cyrus, and Mr Hudson, it’s a really good song and if you don’t have heard it, there will be a video down bellow. 😉

Guess what I did yesterday night? 

Pauline called me 6.40 pm and asked if i would like to go on something that calles fork, yeah… Fork… And whit that she dosen’t mean that we would go and watch a fork(that thing that you use to eat white). That she really meant was: If i would want to go and watch an A cappella group on Svenska teater. And, wow! It was soooooo much fun, i loved it!<3 They sang so good. And for those who dosen’t know what A cappella is, then shame on you!xD No, but it’s a person or a group that sings whit out any instruments at all, they use just their mouth. And that is so incredible, that i can’t believe it! I will put an photo down bellow.  And how i already said I loved it! Pauline’s mum bought me a CD so now i can listen to them every day. Isn’t that amazing?



Well this was this post, and i hope i didn’t have to many spelling mistakes and stuff… I will try to do it better in the future 😉 !

xoxo Louise


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