‘I wish that I could be like the cool kids’

Hey! I think that this topic is really important, so I thought I would talk about it so her you are.

Something that I hear a lot and get really disturb on is when people especially girls are saying; ‘I’m so ugly I wish I could be like her’ or ‘She/He is so cool or brave I wish I could be like her/him’. As I said I her those things a lot, in school when I’m with friends or just walking in town. I’m not saying that I haven’t said any of those things and I don’t like that because I think that everybody should be happy about who they are.

If you think you are ugly, your not. That’s just your inside boss that is saying so. Go and stand in from of a mirror and say to your self that you are pretty and you will realize that you are :). And if someone else is saying that your not beautiful then they don’t know what they are talking about or they are just jealous of you. Then the next thing is that you think someone is brave or have the courage to stand in front of the class or a group of people and have a presentation or something similar. That’s also your inside boss that is saying that you aren’t brave enough. This time you just need to do it. Just do it, and it’s done. If your having a presentation infront of the class you can think that you are talking to your bestie or your grandmother, anything and don’t focus on the people that are looking at you, no need to care about that.

If you ever have thought that ‘I want to be friends with those people’ , raise your hand *raising hand*. That is what I thought :). My advice is to just go and talk to them if the person just ignores you, he/she wasn’t worth it. You just have to go outside of your comfort zone sometimes, don’t stay there :). Remember if you don’t do it you never know what you missed and if you don’t ask it’s always a no, also remember that all the things that has happen in your life has made the person that you are now. Don’t be afraid to try new things and to be different.
//Just a little side note; if someone is saying to you that ‘wow you look beautiful today’ don’t say ‘haha no I’m not pretty’ , say thank you with a big smile!//
xoxo Louise


Hello! So this weekend was spent in Porkkala with my godparents and their kids. It was fun.

We drove there on saturday and immediately when we got here it was time to go and pick some mushrooms. We found at lot, and we ate most of them for dinner. But before dinner my brother our friend and I played floorball. It was really funny!! After dinner we bathed sauna and it was so nice. I haven’t bath sauna since forever it feels like and it was so peaceful around us :) . I went to bed pretty late, I think…?  I woke up 10am and it was rainy and windy outside, not so great… I ate breakfast and then me and my family started packing and prepare to go home. It took a while :) . We came home around 2pm and me and my dad just packed up some stuff and then we took the car to IKEA because I need some christmas lights to decorate my windows and then we just bought some small stuff. After IKEA we went to see my grand mother and the we went to the grocery store to buy some dinner. We were home at 4.30pm. When I got home I putted my christmas lights up and then I did some homework. Now we have ate dinner and I’m going to start practicing of my finish test that i have on Wednesday…

xoxo Louise


lunch och shopping

Hej! Så idag har jag hunnit med mycket och haft jätteroligt :). På förmiddagen gjorde jag igen lite läxor och sedan åt pappa och jag lunch på VaPiano. Vi åt båda pasta bolognese, de var så goda! Jag föreslår verkligen det stället. Klockan ett kom Anna och hennes mamma efter mig och vi körde till Itis, för lite shopping. Vi var bl.a inne i New Yorker, Zara och Ur&Penn som är en jättebillig smyckes butik. Det fanns så mycket snyggt men jag fick inte mig själv att köpa något, särskilt på Zara fanns det så mycket snygga saker…! Anna köpte däremot något från New Yorker som hon säkert kommer att visa på sin blogg. Vi hade jätteroligt med Anna, t.ex på Zara så skrattade vi ihjäl oss och nu i efterhand vet jag inte riktigt varför!? Haha. Det är väl så med riktiga vänner man skrattar fast man inte vet varför.

Jag kom hem för ca en halv timme sen och tänker nu sätta på migmys kläder och slö surfa. Vad är era planer för veckoslutet?

xoxo Louise


22 jump street

Hej! Första dagen lov och ni som undrar ja jag sov jättelänge :-). Till 10 faktiskt om ni vill ha detaljer… Så på förmiddagen gjorde jag lite läxor och slö surfade på nätet. Klockan ett skulle jag träffa mormor vid stockmann för att vi skulle gå på ‘kaffe’. Det tog tid förrän vi hittade ett kafé där vi kunde få lite lugnt. Till sist så bestämde vi oss för ett kafé i Kamppen, i den högsta våningen, tyvärr kommer jag inte ihåg vad platsen hette. Vi pratade i lite på en timme och sedan så skyndade jag mig till Tennispalatsen där jag skulle träffa Patricia för att vi skulle se 22 jump street! Jag var så taggad för att se den, hade väntat så länge på att se den men har inte haft tid… Nu är jag så glad över att jag såg den, för att filmen var så sjukt bra!! Den var så rolig också, bara älskade den, och för att vara heltärlig kan en film med Channing Tatum gå fel?? Han är bara så himla snygg.

Hoppas så att det kommer en 23 jump street, haha. Om ni har sett den kan ni inte snälla kommentera vad ni tyckte om den och om ni vet några liknande filmer? Skulle vara jätteglad :)

xoxo Louise


*no title*

Hey! So today was pretty chill. I started school at 8am and I had first my english test that went pretty well and the it was time for history. We got out our test that we did last week and i got 10- *proud* . And the we just worked on our group presentations, we didn’t come any further, haha. After history we had lunch, they served tacos! Our last class was P.E. and we played baseboll and it didn’t go so well… School ended at 12.45pm and Patricia and I went to her. We played sims 3 for like two hours #nolife and then we made french toast and it was delicious! I went home at 5pm. Now I’m just really glad that we are going to have a two day long break from school :-). It’s autumn break or as I call it ‘sleep break’ because it just two days your not in school and basically you can sleep how long you want and still no one will care :-).

xoxo Louise